30 October 2013


I always had a passion for traveling and for the world. I saw a lot, but my list is still long. When I moved to Germany, I came in touch with different cultures and 'countries', since all my friends are from somewhere else of the world. With all this global friendships and my relation to an Argentine, I started loving globes and their symbol for me. Starting my future collection with a silver globe, which we got as a wedding gift from very good friends of ours, saying: 'We wish you all the luck of the world'. How sweet and symbolic is that! Then I made a painting with an surrealistic map (I got complains about Australia from an Australian and I think he's right). And as a third piece we bought a small one in Barcelona (the snow globe from NYC doesn't count for my collection). Who knows where we find our next globe...

(source 1, 6-12)

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