16 August 2013


Apricots are a well-known source of fibers. They are rich in vitamin A and C, and as you can see it's family of the peaches and plums (E thinks they all look the same). They also have antioxidants and because of all that, you can use the oil as a face or hair product, too. It nourishes and soothes the skin and makes your hair soft and shiny. But I prefer to eat them, of course, and I found this recipe that I wanted to try out. So, I did, but I made some changes. First, I grilled the half apricots for a few minutes using butter. Because of the heat, the goat cheese, that you put on top, melts. Then, I topped it off with honey and some crushed walnuts. It was delicious! The sweet-salty flavor and the lukewarm apricots... a good combination!

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